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Being Human (2010)

104 minutes / Comedy

Plot Synopsis: After being fired by his company for using unscrupulous methods to do business, Mai Wei starts his own slimming company using the same unscrupulous ways, using counterfeit products and taking advantage of ignorant clients. His focus is to be successful and spite his former employers. His conscience warns him, his wife and his brother-in-law frequently question him. However, he ignores them. His wife finally conceives after eight years of marriage but Mai Wei gets a taste of his own medicine.

Director: Jack Neo

Producer(s): Toong Soo Wei, Sim Wee Boon, Patrick Tong

Produced by: J Team Productions, Scorpio East Pictures, Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd

Language: Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Malay

Cast: Mark Lee , Yeo Yann Yann, Nono, Tay Yin Yin, Wang Lei, Jeremy Chan, Ng Hui, Brandon Wong, Meixin

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