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Autumn in March (2009)

87 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: Xinjie (Sheila Sim) is a mysterious girl who lives on her own in a big bungalow house. No one knows much about the girl except that she is leasing out rooms to strangers at an incredibly cheap rate turning away many prospective renters who believe that the house is haunted. Xinjie rented out 3 of her rooms at $200 per month each, and the only condition is that she wants her room mates to have breakfast with her every morning and dinner for at least 3 times a week. Her criteria for rental also leaves some with little doubt that the girl has mental problems. After a long search for tenants, she finally decides to rent out her place to an ex convict with a history of domestic violence (Bernard Tan), an older lady who is on the run from loan sharks (Phyllis Quek) and a young aspiring pianist who has fled from home after a dispute with his father (Nat Ho). As their lives start to intertwine, Xinjie's horrific past starts to unravel as well accumulating to a climax of an ending that leaves everyone stumped!

Director: Ng Aik Leong

Producer(s): Ng Aik Leong

Produced by: Red Group Film

Language: Mandarin, Hokkien, English

Cast: Sheila Sim, Phyllis Quek, Nat Ho, Bernard Tan

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