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As You Were (2014)

96 minutes / Romance

Plot Synopsis:

The island of Saint John is separated from Singapore by a stretch of sea; it hosts a rehab center for troubled youths. One of these youths, fed up with the steely discipline and hard work, escapes by swimming to the city: above him, the night sky is illuminated by neon lights and firework. Guohui and Peiling meet on the island after years of being apart; their love, which dates back to their childhood, is still strong. But their relationship is undermined by Peiling's undersecurity. Years later, Rachel, a singer looking for some peace goes to the island: she meets Guohui and their lives intersect. And the ghost of Peiling appears once more.

Director: Liao Jiekai

Producer(s): Leon Cheo, Tan Bee Thiam

Produced by: 13 Little Pictures

Language: English, Mandarin, Malay

Cast: Josh Lai, Cheryl Tan, Jerome Chee

Critical Analysis:

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