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A Hero's Journey (2006)

80 minutes / Biography

Plot Synopsis: They won the war with courage and sacrifice. Now they fight for the future through forgiveness and reconciliation. The President of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao, takes us on a breathtaking and intimate journey. Revelations from the 24-year Resistance war against Indonesian occupation, to the present-day challenges of building the world's youngest nation from ashes, and the courageous journey from war, prison and sacrifice to forgiveness and reconciliation - a powerful and universal theme which transcends all geographical, cultural and ethnic boundaries. As we traverse this mystical land of cloud-enshrouded mountains, emerald jungles and turquoise seas, Gusmao is the conduit to other colourful characters with powerful personal stories: An old man tortured, mutilated by fellow Timorese as well as Indonesian soldiers, but who calls on all to be free including from hatred; a nun who witnessed the massacre of hundreds; the man who betrayed Gusmao into Indonesian hands physical journey reveals the raw, stunning beauty of Timor-Leste to the world for the very first time. First-ever documentary fully narrated by a Head of State.

Director: Grace Phan

Producer(s): Grace Phan

Produced by: Lux Lucis

Language: Tetum, Portuguese, English

Cast: Xanana Gusmão

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