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A Big Road (2009)

90 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: In this intriguing and quietly evocative portrayal of modern Chinese lives, we enter the world of Minjie, a young woman caught between the past and the present; between life and death. As her spirit wanders about the city of Shanghai and its suburbs, we bear witness to the downtrodden existence of a beautiful daughter named Yulian, and the erotic liaisons of a virgin, Xiaofang, caught in the empty demi-monde of her wealthy older patron. But things are about to change. The arrival of an infant sets off a series of events that open a new chapter for all three women, where dreams, desires and a desperate yearning soon meld into one. Hope will prevail where beauty dwells, in this surprising journey from death to life.

Director: Alec Tok

Producer(s): Damon Chua

Produced by: One Kind Pictures

Language: Mandarin

Cast: Fu Yawen, Lin Jieni, Niu Niu

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