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881 (2007)

105 minutes / Comedy, Drama, Musical

Plot Synopsis: The story is about two good friends who grew up with genuine love for the Getai culture, a form of art with stage and song performances. Getai has a historical tradition in Singapore. After being blessed by the Getai Goddess, the two friends become the most popular Getai duo of the country, called the Papayas. However, the Durian Sisters, their main competitors are very jealous and determined to sabotage the Papayas' performances.

Director: Royston Tan

Producer(s): Hwee Sim Ang, Pui Yin Chan, Gary Goh, Saw Yam Seah, Fong Cheng Tan, James Toh, Freddie Yeo

Produced by: Zhao Wei Films

Language: Mandarin, Hokkien, English, Cantonese

Cast: Qi Yuwu, Yeo Yann Yann, Mindee Ong, Liu Lingling

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