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667 (2017)

75 minutes / Anthology

Plot Synopsis:

Commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, and produced by award-winning filmmaker, Royston Tan, 667 is an anthology of shorts by young local film directors – Eva Tang (The Songs We Sang), He Shuming (And The Wind Falls), Kirsten Tan (POP AYE), Liao Jiekai (Red Dragonflies), and Jun Chong, who is debuting his first film. Featuring five short stories of the reflections, interpretations and perspectives of these Singaporean filmmakers as they go on a journey in search of their cultural roots and how they make Singapore home, the omnibus seamlessly weaves the past and present as generations seek to understand, appreciate, preserve and pass on our heritage.

Director: Eva Tang, He Shuming, Jun Chong, Kirsten Tan, Liao Jiekai

Producer(s): Royston Tan, Fran Borgia, Daniel Wong, Karen Khoo-Toohey

Produced by: Chuan Pictures

Language: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka, Hainanese, Cantonese

Cast: Sherraine Law, Benjamin Tan, Chua Ee Fang, Ng Mei Lang, Ho Soo Hoon, He Yuting, Melissa Leung Hiu Tien, Yudi Yap

Critical Analysis:

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