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4:30 (2006)

93 minutes / Drama

Plot Synopsis: "4:30" traces the relationship between Xiao Wu, an eleven year old Chinese Boy and his tenant Jung, a thirty-something Korean man. Told entirely from the perspective of the boy, Xiao Wu, this story of two very different characters is less about friendship than about a shared experience and appreciation of solitude. "4:30" starts with Xiao sneaking to the room of Jung in the early hours of the morning, and stealing from the Korean man. Just as getting intoxicated is a habit for Jung, who only staggers back to his rented room when drunk, soon stealing for Xiao Wu becomes equally as compulsive. We soon realize that Jung's true intention for staying in Singapore is suicide. It is only through Xiao's encounter with Jung failing in his bid to die that he begins to understand his true fascination with Jung.

Director: Royston Tan

Producer(s): Eric Khoo, Jacqueline Khoo, Gary Goh, James Toh, Makota Ueda

Produced by: NHK, Singapore Film Commission, Zhao Wei Films

Language: English, Mandarin, Korean

Cast: Johnny Ng, Catherine Sng, Marilyn Lee, Ray Lee, Chau Min Lee, Soundrarajan J., Han Yew Kwang, Judy Ngo

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