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3688 (2015)

98 minutes / Drama, Comedy

Plot Synopsis:

Parking attendant Fei Fei dreams of becoming a singer like her famous namesake but she has other concerns in her life. She has to support her former radio DJ father who is also a fan of Fong Fei Fei, but is now suffering from dementia. Fei Fei eventually decides to take part in a national amateur talent contest and captures the nation’s attention with her unique voice and sincerity. Will she beat the odds and triumph?

Director: Royston Tan

Producer(s): Karen Khoo-Toohey

Produced by: Chuan Pictures, mm2 Entertainment

Language: Mandarin, Hokkien, Bahasa, English

Cast: Joi Chua, Liu Lingling, Rahimah Rahim, Brandon Wong, Shigga Shay, Michael Tan

Critical Analysis:

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