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3.50 (2013)

106 minutes / Drama, Thriller

Plot Synopsis: Inspired by real events, 3.50 is a feature film co-production between Singapore and Cambodia. The multi-layered story follows a foreign journalist, a young girl who is trafficked into prostitution, an underground doctor, a tuk-tuk driver, and a street peddler... lives trapped in the seedy underbelly of Phnom Penh, as they navigate the socio-economic tensions that allow poverty and its problems to flourish.

Director: Eysham Ali, Chhay Bora

Producer(s): Chai Gin Kai, Eunice Olsen, Chhay Bora

Produced by: Silver Media Group

Language: English

Cast: Cheanick Doung, Leang Honglee, Kwanlar Nyirady, Eunice Olsen, Long Sonita, Oung Soria

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