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1965 (2015)

88 minutes / Drama, Crime, History, Thriller

Plot Synopsis:

When a young Chinese girl was abducted, racial tensions escalated, and racial distrust erupted into violence, in the months leading up to the separation from Malaysia and the independence of Singapore. 1965 is a dramatic thriller that tells engaging and touching stories of immigrants and natives during the time leading up to the independence of Singapore. The film portrays heightened human drama shot in realistic camerawork, showcasing the magnitude of human history unraveling. The protagonists were a part of history in the making, caught up in the throes of everyday life, made difficult by a society divided by racial violence.

Director: Randy Ang

Producer(s): Daniel Yun

Produced by: Blue 3 Pictures, mm2 Entertainment

Language: Malay, Cantonese, Teochew, Mandarin, English

Cast: Qi Yuwu, Deanna Yusoff, Joanne Peh, James Seah, Sezairi Sezali, Mike Kasem, Lim Kay Tong

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