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My Love Sinema

Directed by

Ai Leng Tan




90 minutes


Drama, Romance




Inspired by the Italian Classic "Cinema Paradiso", an aspiring filmmaker discovers the touching life story of a cinema projectionist and his unending love for a teacher. Recipient of the 2011 Taiwan Golden Horse Film Project Promotion Post-Production Award, 2012 ACE-HK Asia Film Financing Co-Production Lab participant and recipient of the 2012 Media Development Authority of Singapore New Talent Feature Grant, MY LOVE SINEMA is a touching, nostalgic love story filled with inspiration, courage, passion, resilience and heart.

Set in 1950s Singapore, we relive the charming lifestyle of that era, and follow one man's never-ending pursuit of his passion in both cinema and love, sharing a fate that crosses generations.

The story starts with the award-winning film director MAI being interviewed by TV host MARK and producer MAY for a broadcast programme. They are on their way to track down the man who ignited Mai's passion 40 years ago - a film projectionist named KHEONG. Upon finding Kheong, and after Kheong relates his heartwrenching sad love story, May decides to try and reunite the long-lost lovers.

She sets out to look for Wei with the help of Mark and Mai...



Flora Goh

Produced by

Fly Entertainment

International Sales/Distribution


Nora Miao, Cherry Ngan, Jeff Wang, Cheryl Wee, Tosh Zhang


2016, Drama, Romance, Cinema, Filmmaker, Love, Courage, Passion, Generations

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